Workshop: Strengthening Human Rights Advocacy with Design Thinking

This workshop is for anyone undertaking rights-based work that involves developing outputs aimed at persuading external ‘users’ to act. Human Rights advocacy often involves intensive research, which includes the collection and analysation of evidence, compiled into densely written reports. Design thinking is a process that will give you more significant insights into those you want to reach and help you develop innovative processes that engage stakeholders early and produce outputs that motivate appropriate action. These are practices and procedures that will ensure you’ve planned your advocacy outreach efforts as best you can and enable you to learn as you implement.

During the workshop, we will sharpen tactics through a stakeholder mapping and power analysis exercise and refine them further by applying design thinking to create tactics to be tested and iterated upon post-workshop. You will:

  • Articulate the change you are seeking to make in an accessible way. 
  • Map out actors involved in your efforts and prioritise and analyse their motivations to engage on your issue.
  • Brainstorm and refine tactics with other human rights advocates.
  • Identify how to improve upon your existing processes
You’ll learn more about: 

FabRiders is providing this workshop because we have had over two decades of experience in helping social change/right’s based efforts use technology and data to strengthen their impacts. We’ve helped dozens of organisations apply design thinking methodologies to the development of their strategies, resources and tactics, including the Open Budget Survey, Egyptian Social Progress Indicators and Huridocs. The workshop is an element of our Network-Centric Resources Project, which supports the development of people-powered and participatory resources that aim to maximise usage and engagement by sharing ownership, enabling contribution and promoting collaboration.


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