The FabToolkit

Our collection of tools for tech capacity building. This includes exercises for use in trainings and facilitation.

Hangout: Human Centred Design for Social Change

We’re collaborating with Patrick Olszowski of Outrageous Impact on a workshop on Human Centred Design for Social Change and we had a hangout at Noon on Thursday, the 20th of April. During the hangout we talked about: What is Human Centred Design and… (READ MORE)

Workshop: Hacking human centred design for social change

Build stronger campaigns using design methodologies Learn how to design stronger campaigns that make a bigger impact sooner. You might be a campaigner, fundraiser, manager or service colleague. What is important is that you want to make change happen. Thursday,… (READ MORE)

Tips for designing an effective workshop session

Our journey learning about effective workshop session design began in the mid-90’s, when we were helping activists and community organisers in the United States understand how to harnass the potential of the Internet. What we’ve learned about session design has largely… (READ MORE)

A Data Strategy Workshop Curriculum

This is a day-long training that we’ve run in at least a dozen countries for a variety of individuals involved in social change at various levels of ‘data literacy.’  Big thanks to all the participants that have provided feedback, along with:… (READ MORE)

Data Advocacy Essentials

Data Advocacy Essentials FabRiders provides workshops, webinars and advice on how to use data effectively for advocacy, social change and social justice. This series of blog posts consolidates the information and advice we use. Much of this knowledge has been openly… (READ MORE)

Stakeholder Mapping & Power Analysis

Understanding how any technology used in campaigning functions as a tactic to further your campaign strategy is essential. For every training session that Fabriders runs, whether it’s about utilising data effectively or social media, we’ve found it important to start… (READ MORE)

Data Strategies Resources

This is a list of resources prepared for Effective Data Strategies for Activist and Advocacy Campaigns workshop Resources from the workshop: The Data Action Cycle  The Data Pipeline Exercise: Using the Spectrogram for Stakeholder Mapping and Power Analysis Hacking User… (READ MORE)

What I’ve Learned about Data Advocacy

A very special thanks to Lucy Chambers from Open Knowledge Foundation for inspiration, review and advice on this blog post. You can find Lucy on twitter @lucyfedia. Over the last two decades of helping advocates and activists use technologies more… (READ MORE)

FabRiders’ Big List of Social Media Resources

Social Media How-to’s Key Correspondents Change the World: Social Media Chapter My Blog Post is on Digg, Now What? Monitoring and Listening The Listening Cycles: Part 1 & Part 2, reviewing how to identify stakesholders on social media and tools… (READ MORE)


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