Strategic Services

FabRiders works to improve the effectiveness and impact of social change efforts. We have helped advocates and activists in all parts of the globe utilise technologies as part of long-term strategies, on a range of issues including: the empowerment of marginalised communities, defending the right to freedom of expression, and improving governmental transparency and accountability. Specifically we:

  • help advocates strengthen and empower communities by developing campaign strategies that utilise technologies.
  • help organisations improve impact of their long-term strategies through the use of technology tactics.
  • advise funders and resource providers on how to develop and support technology capacity building programmes.
  • provide technology practitioners with healthy and strong networks where they can exchange knowledge and expertise.

We also improve the effectiveness of short-term projects that support long-term goals through …

  • development and facilitation of retreats, events and meetings, specialising in a productive participatory format that maximises collaboration, peer sharing and solidarity building.
  • design and implementation of sound project plans
  • creation of learning materials and resources that engage and inform stakeholders and partners.
  • implementation of research projects that capture and distil knowledge.

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