FabRiders’ Workshop Offerings

Workshop Offerings

This is a list of workshops that FabRiders' has developed as stand-alones or parts of larger projects and events. If you are interested in organising a workshop for your own organisation or event, please send an email to workshops (at) fabriders.net. Got a workshop topic and want to collaborate? Please get in touch. This list will change periodically as we develop new curriculum, so do check back. 

Social Change Fundamentals

  • Building winning social change campaigns. An anchor for any campaign oriented training. Participants identify and analyse stakeholders as allies, neutral parties, and opponents along with determining who has power to identify priorities and tactics. View the curriculum.
  • Developing a Theory of Change/Vision of Success. A first step for anyone involved in social change efforts that feels they are being reactionary rather than pro-active. This is a foundation for long-term strategic planning. Participants imagine a world where there efforts to make change are no longer needed and imagine the impact that their work has had and how actors are behaving differently.
  • Evaluating Strategies and Outcomes. Evaluation is often focused on outputs and done after implementation is completed. This workshop will help activists and advocates set up frameworks that will help them learn and fine tune as they implement and help them determine if they are having an impact on the big picture. Participants timeline preconditions and outcomes that will lead to success and develop a self-reflective framework to be used during periodic reflections and debriefs.
  • Developing community/network owned  resources. Huge amounts of efforts are put into developing resources that stop abruptly after launch with little thought about engaging an audience aside from promotion.  This workshop looks at how to engage your audience before you even start writing content and getting them to contribute to development. We also address how to tap the wisdom of your audience and get them to continue to modify and adapt the resource well after launch. 

Technology & Social Change

  • Developing a Tech Strategy. Often individuals involved in social change efforts become focused on technology for technologies sake, rather than focusing on technologies role in their long-term strategy or ability to achieve their mission. Participants develop a vision for technology use in their organisation that will support their long term organisational goals and determine technology tactics that will support their organisational strategy and help them achieve their mission.
  • Effective Data Strategies, Designed to demystify data for social change campaigners, and assure the evidence used in your social change campaign engages rather than alienates. Participants learn how to influence key stakeholders and increase impact through data packaging techniques, such as info-graphics, along with data-gathering techniques that will help share ownership of efforts. View the curriculum.
  • Hacking User Centred Design for Social Change. This workshop is for any social change activist or advocate with a desire to build stronger campaigns by integrating stakeholder perspectives early in their strategies. Participants get insights into applying a ‘user centred design process’ for the development of their social change campaigns. View the methodology and case study.
  • Tech Specifications. This workshop will help people working on social change efforts understand what they need to know before undertaking a technology project and how to communicate that to internal technology related staff or a potential external developer/consultant hire.  Participants develop specifications for tech tools that will help them move forward in their missions. View the methodology.

Training of Trainers/Facilitators

  • Adult Learning and ADIDS. Often training of trainer events focus on delivering specific content without actually addressing how to be an effective trainer and the ways that individuals actually learn. This workshop is an anchor for any Training of Trainers event, with an overview of research on how adults learn and a framework for structuring training sessions that takes that research into account. View the curriculum
  • Workshop Design Fundamentals. This session is for anyone who is either new to facilitation and find themselves in the position of developing a workshop for the first time, or already have facilitation experience but are still on a quest to perfect their facilitation techniques. In this session we explore how adults learn, the role of the facilitator, example session designs and facilitation best practices. View the methodology