Facilitating Collective Power

We are offering this workshop twice in February to serve a diversity of timezones.

This three-hour online workshop is for people who facilitate charities, advocates, activists, and other movement-builders. By the end of the workshop, you will have greater expertise in developing community-centric strategies to build long-term movements that drive real change.

We will begin the session by examining who has power in connection to the change we are trying to make. We will then explore how to identify, practice and support “facilitative leadership”. We will also look at power analysis exercises that can help communities create effective tactics. We finish the session by determining facilitation best practices that help us ‘walk the walk’.

Participants can also access and contribute to The Collective Power Playbook, a work in progress.

This session is led by Dirk Slater, building upon a quarter of a century of experience facilitating social justice movement building by activists and advocates in over 30 countries.

You can apply for a scholarship for Facilitating Collective Power.