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Improve your training and facilitation skills FabRiders’ next Session Design Lab will take place in Q2 2023. To get details, send an email to workshops (at) fabriders.net or subscribe to the FabUpdate. During this workshop, you will get a grounding in designing and facilitating participatory and interactive sessions that support […]

The Session Design Lab

With the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the slow erosion of trust that users are experiencing with Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), corporate social media is in decline. Not to mention the already existing social media graveyard that includes Friendster and Myspace. We are organising these sessions to […]

Corporate Social Media is in Decay: What Should Non-Profits Do?

FabRiders’ Network-Centric Resources project helps resource developers understand how to develop people-powered and participatory resources and establish assets for networks and communities that share ownership, enable contribution and support collaboration. What’s critical to grow a community around a resource is to understand the barriers to broader participation. To help exemplify […]

Redesigning for the Responsible Data Community, Online Discussion Notes