The Session Design Lab

Improve your training and facilitation skills

FabRiders’ next Session Design Lab will take place in Q2 2023. To get details, send an email to workshops (at) or subscribe to the FabUpdate.

During this workshop, you will get a grounding in designing and facilitating participatory and interactive sessions that support learning and knowledge sharing in face-to-face and online environments. On the first day, we will dive deeply into adult learning and a session format known as ADIDS (Activity, Discussion, Input, Deepening and Synthesis). On the second day, you will design a session based on ADIDS and have an opportunity to review your design with other participants.

We will cover best practices for facilitating face-to-face and virtual sessions, considerations to be made when bridging online and offline participants (hybrids) and how to engage participants before and after your session.

By the end of the lab, you will have:

  • a peer-reviewed session design, ready for implementation.
  • increased expertise in facilitating effective workshops and convenings.
  • improved ability to determine whether an event will work better in a virtual or face-to-face (IRL) environments.

You will also get to work with The Session Design Canvas and connect with others on a similar journey who can support your growth as a facilitator.

This lab is designed for people working with NGOs, non-profits, civil society organisations and charities.

The Session Design Lab is facilitated by Dirk Slater, who has spent the last quarter of a century finetuning his training and facilitation techniques. He is the Facilitation Support Coach for MozFest & RightsCon.

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