The Virtual Event Design Lab

The Virtual Event Design Lab will provide your event team with the opportunity to think through critical elements, such as strategic social change goals, effective facilitation, session design, & participant engagement. We will define the practical elements needed to produce a virtual event that maximises interaction, minimises power imbalances to focus on knowledge exchange and harnessing the power of the collective. Please use the enquire form below to arrange a consultation.

The Virtual Event Design Lab is a related offering to The Virtual Session Design Lab, a regularly run workshop for individuals designing online sessions. The Virtual Event Design Lab builds on FabRiders’ long-term collaborations with Aspiration and experience supporting large technology and social change events, such as MozFest, RightsCon & The Climate:Red Summit.

We offer the lab as a bespoke design, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. What follows is an example lab sequence. Each day is a three-hour virtual session that can run over four consecutive days or spread out over two weeks. 

Day 1

The Big Picture

This session will engage the team in defining a vision of success for the event that aligns and contributes to your organisation’s social change strategies. We will also define pathways for co-creation with stakeholders and articulate how relevant communities and networks will be strengthened. Individuals of the team will also get an opportunity to define their own learning goals in contributing to the event.

Day 2

Effective virtual sessions

This session will strengthen team facilitation skills by including an overview of adult learning theory and how that translates into meeting, training & workshop formats. The team will also compile a list of online facilitation and session design best practices for future use.

Day 3

Maximising Participant Engagement

This session will focus on how to scale adult learning methodologies and support effective session delivery during the event. The team will focus on participant engagement that will sustain momentum post-event and defining contribute to your movement building efforts

Day 4

Virtual Event Essentials

This session will engage the team in mapping out stakeholder needs during the event, defining roles and the tech/virtual elements that will be needed to support. We will draft a narrative about the event for use in engaging stakeholders and ensuring their contribution. We will finish with a road mapping exercise to plan the journey from here to the event date.


If you’re interested in the (Virtual) Event Design Lab use the following form to arrange a consultation.