What We Will Learn in 2016

2015 was a banner year for FabRiders. Here is what our current projects have us positioned to learn in 2016:

Other things we’ve shared in the FabBlog in 2015 that we will use as a foundation for work in 2016:

Sticker swag featuring our logo

Sticker swag featuring our new logo

And a major milestone for FabRiders was designing a new logo with ideainaforest. We wrote about the process in ‘what we learned about logos‘.

Stuff we read in 2015 that influenced us:

And what we were listening to in 2015:

  • Disco and data geeks share their favourite tunes for their weekly Friday data backup on twitter with #FridayDiscoBackup and a playlist is compiled every week on YouTube.

We’re always eager to share knowledge about the application of technology in social change work. So if you want to chat about a project you are working on or even co-author a blog post with us in 2016, please get in touch!

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