Project Type: Digital Security

We’re taking a deep dive into communities of practice for a project to strengthen engagement around LevelUp, a digital security trainer’s community of practice currently supported by Internews.  We are also helping to look into new governance structures that will help sustain the community and LevelUp resources into the future.

Strengthening Community Involvement for LevelUp

This project run for Amnesty International will focus on developing a training series and curriculum that will raise awareness about issues surrounding data collection and storage and potential risks this poses to the vulnerable communities that Amnesty International seeks to address>

Responsible Data Use & Vulnerable Communities

This 4 day training will take place in December, 2014.  Organised by OWPSee, this first regional rraining on ICT and violence against women. aims to provide women with tools and frameworks to better protect themselves online.  FabRiders is providing training on staying safe on social networks, how to deal with trolls […]

Women Rock IT

This event organised by Open Knowledge and Open Rights Group, brought 30 participants from key interest groups and stakeholder experts to identify and agree on the the issues that need to be addressed on open data and privacy. During the two day workshop participants developed workplans and guiding principles to […]

Open Data and Privacy Expert Workshop

FabRiders facilitated this workshop, organised by Freedom House in November, 2013, bringing together 80 participants to understand how practices and policies inadvertently make human rights defenders more vulnerable.  Over the two days that the workshop was held participants identified proactive solutions to address the digital, physical, psychological and other vulnerabilities […]

What Next? The Quest to Protect Journalists and Human Rights ...