Weeknotes for June 5th, 2020

Had a chance to catch my breath this week. Breathing is a good thing.

Wrapping Up Data Champions

However, I was so busy last week that I even forgot to mention a workshop I’d done in the previous weeknote. Mor Rubinstein and I had run a Data for Leadership Workshop for UK grantmaking institutions via 360 Giving’s Data Champions programme. During this workshop, we drew inspiration from the Data for Leaders Module in IFRC’s Data Playbook. First, we broke participants up into small groups to discuss:

  • What questions are leaders asking?
  • What does influence decisions?
  • What are the opportunities for using data in decisions making?

Then we gave the champions a choice of three scenarios to work through, asking them to choose the one they had experience with:

  1. Leadership and board need to make decisions on grants but don’t want to use data.
  2. The board wants you to answer a question with data when there is no data. 
  3. Your executive wants you to use data but isn’t giving you resources to support that process.

Most of the small groups chose number 2, the board wants you to answer a question with data but there is no data.

So this week we did our final workshop for the Data Champions on Data Strategies, and the significant output is a data strategy canvas that the participants did some kicking of tires. We started by getting participants to articulate the goals of their data strategy and then formulate the questions they would ask to develop the strategy. We got them to use the canvas to group the questions into topics and start to formulate their tactics to support the strategy. Mor Rubinstein will likely be releasing the canvas soon. 

New Collaboration

My big focus this week has been prep for a High-Level Convening on United Nations on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights. This is an opportunity to get to know new collaborators and apply some recent learnings. The recent learnings being the virtual meeting production processes that Heather Leson has been mastering and documenting as part of our work with The Solferino Academy at IFRC. Likely we will be having close to a thousand participants, and we are trying to understand how to best facilitate q & a, we have been testing the webinar module in Zoom.

Synthesising Learnings

And speaking of the learnings from work on the virtual meetings where we convened over 2000 participants as part of The Solferino Academy, Heather Leson has authored two posts on the impact of COVID-19 on IFRC’s digital transformation:

In case you missed it, this is a must-read from Front Line Defenders for anyone running virtual meetings – especially if you are using Zoom.