Fabriders is back from Summer Hols

We saw loons!

We saw loons!

We’ve had a great break enjoying the great outdoors (see photo) and now are back in the saddle, ready for an exciting roster of projects lined up for the Autumn. Here’s what we’re looking forward to working on.

Writing projects:

Hands-on Capacity Building Efforts

  • We’ll be in London at the end of this week to meet with fellow TABridge Mentors and discuss learnings from our work with FairPlay Alliance and TALC.
  • We’ll be giving support to the Open Society Foundation’s Public Health Media Initiative for a 3 day workshop entitled “Media for Monitoring” at the end of October, which will be followed up with hands-on consulting for participants.
  • We’re also helping the DNA Policy Initiative create a communications strategy that will help them build a wider audience of allies.

Sharing Learnings

  • Next month we’ll be helping with a couple of webinars (exact times to be announced) for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative:
    • On October 10th, we’ll be lending a hand to Rachel Weidinger from Upwell.us to discuss using social media for ‘Big Listening.’
    • On October 16th, we’ll be talking about assuring useability of tech projects with Misty Avila from Aspiration, along with Sarah Schacht and Gaba Rodriguez.

    We’re also about to repost a blog piece written for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative about taking using graphics to document meetings rather than hand written notes.

  • And of course, you’ll find us at Aspiration’s NPDev Summit in Oakland, California on November 18th to 20th.

Data Visualisations

  • We’re helping to create a series of visualisations for Article 19 that will accompany a report on the impact of the Iranian computer crimes law on freedom of expression.
  • We’ll be posting a blog post soon on demystifying the creation of data visualisation.

And of course, we’ll be sending out periodic updates on all of this great stuff along with blog posts about learnings that we are making along the way.  Stay tuned!