The Collective Power Lab

The Collective Power Lab is for any group needing to co-create strategies to build power together to create change. This transformative workshop will empower your group to illustrate a shared ‘vision of success’ and provide the practical tools and knowledge needed to make change, inspiring you to take action and make a difference. 

This workshop would follow a bespoke design tailored specifically for the context you are working with, which might be:

  • A community needs to surface its members’ experiences, analyse the whys of those experiences, and work together to identify appropriate solutions.
  • A coalition of entities with diverse perspectives that need to align, build solidarity and create strategies and tactics to shift and build power.
  • A movement involving a broad range of stakeholders seeking to address injustices

Together, we will map out the groups, institutions, and individuals involved in the essential transformations needed for change. We will determine and analyse the power domains you are trying to impact. We’ll also look at ways to identify privilege within structures and systems that can prevent power imbalances from being addressed. 


To discuss this workshop and how it might work for your collective please send an email to ‘workshops AT’ or fill in the form below.