Network-Centric Resources Online Discussions

Since we began the Network-Centric Resources project at the beginning of 2017, we have been struck by the ingenuity and wisdom of resource designers in how they approach co-creation with networks and communities. The online discussion series provides a platform to share lessons learned and talk through tough challenges.

Managing User Feedback, Our Next Online Discussion

User feedback is a critical element of any network-centric resource. Soliciting and incorporating user feedback shares ownership and demonstrates the contribution of your network. In this online discussion, we will explore ways to manage user feedback, track how feedback is incorporated into resources and then accurately report back to contributors.

The format for this online discussion will be participatory, we will not have presentations. We are relying on participants to provide inputs. We will break into small groups anchored by a network-centric resource developer, who will share their experience in managing user feedback and then solicit ideas on how to improve the process. We will then regroup to compile a list of best practices that will be posted in the FabToolkit. Our anchors for this discussion:

Join us on Tuesday, September 17th at 16:00 BST (Check Your Time Zone).