LevelUp Webinar: Evaluating DigiSec Training Effectiveness

In this webinar developed for LevelUp, we looked at ways of evaluating training to help assess and improve digital security training skills. It featured guest speakers who use creative approaches to training evaluation and behavior change. They shared practical advice for conducting trainee follow-up to assess the uptake of trainings, and how to integrate feedback into future training plans. You can find the notes and recording of the webinar here.
What follows is our outreach post:
As a digisec trainer, how do you know if people are actually putting the methodologies and tools you’ve taught them to use? Many efforts to evaluate trainings focus either on soliciting reactions from trainees right at the end of a training, or on funder-driven monitoring and evaluation that prioritises number of people trained and for how long. What we don’t often learn about is what happens when people go back to the real world. Do they start using PGP? Are they using KeePass to store their stronger passwords? Are they engaging the rest of their networks in protecting themselves? 

Date, Time and Location

At Tuesday, February 23rd @ 7AM PST, 10AM EST, 3PM BST, 4PM CET, 5PM CAT, 7:30PM IST, 10PM SGT Click here: https://www.callinfo.com/prt?host=readytalk&an=8667401260&ac=7461078

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