Project Type: Current

‘Data is a Team Sport’ is a School of Data open research project. We aim to learn how data literacy practitioners are adapting and shifting methodologies to create a society where data is not just taken at face value, but data-consumers seek deeper understanding of the role of data itself. […]

We are learning about the Data Literacy Eco-System

We are providing training and guidance for 14 advocacy campaigns based in Lithuania in their development of strategies that will bring positive social change to the country.  This includes efforts to improve government transparency and accountability, prevent corporal punishment of children, provide access for the disabled and create harm reduction services […]

Building an Advocacy Sector in Lithuania

We’re taking a deep dive into communities of practice for a project to strengthen engagement around LevelUp, a digital security trainer’s community of practice currently supported by Internews.  We are also helping to look into new governance structures that will help sustain the community and LevelUp resources into the future.

Strengthening Community Involvement for LevelUp

By building a community of practice for individuals involved in technology capacity building, this initiative is focusing on developing a healthy and vibrant network for practitioners to share knowledge and expertise.  The vision for the network is to share ownership amongst it’s members and expressly support individuals on their career […]

Building a Community of Practice for Tech Capacity Builders