Project Type: Facilitation

Over the summer of 2016, we helped Greenpeace International develop a three day event that brought together 120 people from the staff of the secretariat and the National Regional Offices to share knowledge and improve engagement practices.  This was to support Greenpeace’s Theory of Change that focuses on developing ‘people […]

Strengthening Greenpeace’s Engagement Strategies

We are providing training and guidance for 14 advocacy campaigns based in Lithuania in their development of strategies that will bring positive social change to the country.  This includes efforts to improve government transparency and accountability, prevent corporal punishment of children, provide access for the disabled and create harm reduction services […]

Building an Advocacy Sector in Lithuania

We’re taking a deep dive into communities of practice for a project to strengthen engagement around LevelUp, a digital security trainer’s community of practice currently supported by Internews.  We are also helping to look into new governance structures that will help sustain the community and LevelUp resources into the future.

Strengthening Community Involvement for LevelUp

FabRiders supported Open Knowledge‘s School of Data in efforts to develop a governance structure in order to decentralise and provide better support and connection to the nodes of their global network. This process has involved facilitating meetings and engaging network leaders in determining needed roles. It culminated in the election of a steering […]

Developing a Network Governance Structure for School of Data

This two day event, which took place in Berlin on March 19th and 20th, was organised by Open Knowledge and facilitated by FabRiders. It aimed to strengthen the ability of data trainers to evaluate the impact of their trainings and share learnings with peers based on those evaluations. Ultimately the event aimed strengthen the […]

Measuring the Impact of Data Trainings

This staff retreat for Greenhost enaged the staff in creating a vision of success for the organization,along with creating better coehesion within the staff, particularly in regards to project management.

HeiWeekend Retreat

FabRiders is facilitating a series of retreats for NRGI’s Data and Analysis Team to fine tune their strategic direction and operate more effectively as a unit.

Data and Analysis Team Retreat

This 3 day meeting was convened by Open Society Foundations to develop a shared framework within the foundations to respond to the growing use of lethal drones in combat.  Working closely with Aspiration, FabRiders assisted in facilitating the event of around 40 people which brought stakeholders together both from within […]

OSF’s Lethal Drone Charette

This series of five webinars created for the National Democratic Institute aims to provide participants with a framework for using data in advocacy. Content covers how to create an effective advocacy strategy that will be supported by data, finding data, creating a story or narrative from data and making compelling […]

Data Advocacy Webinar Series

This 4 day training will take place in December, 2014.  Organised by OWPSee, this first regional rraining on ICT and violence against women. aims to provide women with tools and frameworks to better protect themselves online.  FabRiders is providing training on staying safe on social networks, how to deal with trolls […]

Women Rock IT

This event organised by Open Knowledge and Open Rights Group, brought 30 participants from key interest groups and stakeholder experts to identify and agree on the the issues that need to be addressed on open data and privacy. During the two day workshop participants developed workplans and guiding principles to […]

Open Data and Privacy Expert Workshop

This participatory event was designed to strengthen the Open Knowledge Foundation’s staff’s ability to address current opportunities and challenges, meet strategic commitments and serve the OKFN network, all while deepening collaborative and trust relationships across the organisation.

Open Knowlege Foundation’s January 2014 Staff Retreat

FabRiders facilitated this workshop, organised by Freedom House in November, 2013, bringing together 80 participants to understand how practices and policies inadvertently make human rights defenders more vulnerable.  Over the two days that the workshop was held participants identified proactive solutions to address the digital, physical, psychological and other vulnerabilities […]

What Next? The Quest to Protect Journalists and Human Rights ...

This project for the Health Media Initiative of the Open Society Public Health Program will provide technical assistance for a 3-day participatory event of grantees and practitioners along with tech mentorships for two grantees.

Media and Monitoring Participatory Event and Mentorship

Working with World Lung Foundation’s training team, this five day workshop conducted in Bangkok, Thailand focuses on how social media can enhance education campaigns conducted by tobacco control advocates from southern and south-east asia.  FabRiders is providing sessions on ‘the half-wheel and pyramid‘, ‘using social media for big listening’, ‘influencing […]

Social Media for Tobacco Control: Co-Facilitator

The 2013 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare (DMS) is the Greenpeace mobilisation community’s chance to share knowledge and experiences while strengthening working relationships. The event recognizes people doing good work and creates space for innovation, creative collaboration, and maybe even some fun. The 2013 DMS took place in early February and included over […]

Greenpeace Digital Mobilisation Skill-share, Lead Facilitator

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/A Initiative) is a ‘donor collaborative committed to strengthening democracy and development through empowering citizens to hold their governing institutions to account.’ The Bridge Meeting is part of their ‘New Technologies’ programme and is designed to foster collaborations between organisations working on transparency and accountability […]

T/AI Bridge Meeting, Lead Facilitator

Contributed to this gathering of over 100 non-profit techies by facilitating sessions on: The NOSI Primer, The Free and Open Non Profit, What I learned about Non Proft Tech Capacity Building from Sex Worker Advocates and Using Power Analysis to Identify Tech Tactics in Campaigning. Agenda and session notes can […]

Aspiration’s 2012 Non-profit Dev Summit: Lead Facilitator