Project Type: Tech Strategy

We are providing training and guidance for 14 advocacy campaigns based in Lithuania in their development of strategies that will bring positive social change to the country.  This includes efforts to improve government transparency and accountability, prevent corporal punishment of children, provide access for the disabled and create harm reduction services […]

Building an Advocacy Sector in Lithuania

This staff retreat for Greenhost enaged the staff in creating a vision of success for the organization,along with creating better coehesion within the staff, particularly in regards to project management.

HeiWeekend Retreat

FabRiders is facilitating a series of retreats for NRGI’s Data and Analysis Team to fine tune their strategic direction and operate more effectively as a unit.

Data and Analysis Team Retreat

The goal of this campaign run by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network is to empower women who use drugs to combat violence. Police violence affects women who use drugs in variety of ways including serious and often life-threatening physical and psychological health problems. It increases stigma and discrimination against them […]

EHRN’s Women Against Violence

As human DNA Databases become more widespread over the next decade, there is a need for an online platform to support engagement of activists, advocates, government officials, police, civil servants, and anyone else who shows an interest in safeguarding human rights around the use of forensic DNA.  Genewatch UK and […]

Strengthening Work to Promote Human Rights Safeguards for DNA Databases