Circuit Riding

Outside, the air was thick with toxic smoke from the Camp Fire, with warnings to limit exposure.  Inside, it was Aspiration’s 15th Non-Profit Developer Summit and people were invested in being there.  It was the largest #NPDev yet, with over 150 registrants and it seems the smoke didn’t deter people […]

What We Learned at NPDev 2018

FabRiders finally has its own logo and social media icon!  Since 2012 we’ve been busy establishing FabRiders and building up a substantial body of work. Though we have put it off, what surprised us is how quick the process of the development of the logo actually turned out to be.  Working […]

What We’ve Learned About Logos

This blog post is a collaboration amongst ‘technology capacity building’ practitioners, namely: Misty Avila, Beatrice Martini and Dirk Slater. We are thankful for comments and feedback from our gracious colleagues, including: Kristin Antin, Allen Gunn (Gunner), and Tom Longley. Over the last couple of decades there has been various efforts […]

What We’ve Learned About Tech Capacity Building

As I mentioned in part II, I found the circuit rider network to be absolutely invaluable to getting access to the right expertise in order to do my job. The environment for this was the circuit rider network, and it was during the second Minneapolis Round-up I attended that I […]

My History of Circuit Riding (Part III)

In my previous post, I told you how I came to work for the Low-Income Networking and Communication’s (LINC) Project; and of meeting some amazing people at the second ‘Riders Roundup’, ‘Riders’ being roving tech consultants with a particular mandate to assist NGOs in specific issue areas. Following that meeting, […]

My History of Circuit Riding (Part 2)