Communications Strategy

With the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the slow erosion of trust that users are experiencing with Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), corporate social media is in decline. Not to mention the already existing social media graveyard that includes Friendster and Myspace. Our ultimate goal is to convene […]

Corporate Social Media is in Decay

What we did By Maya Ganesh, Beatrice Martini and Dirk Slater. Our previous post ‘Why We Did It‘, provides background and context, including a definition of marginalisation, Tactical Tech’s objectives for the project and background on WNU and sex worker issues in Cambodia. In this post we provide details about […]

Leave Your Potatoes at Home, pt. II

DISCLAIMER: This post is about email best practices. It is NOT about all the different software out there that can help you manage your inbox. I have mentioned a few clients and a few ‘add-ons’ to exemplify practices, but I am not attempting to provide an overview of what is […]

What I’ve Learned about ‘Inbox Zero’

Understanding how any technology used in campaigning functions as a tactic to further your campaign strategy is essential. For every training session that Fabriders runs, whether it’s about utilising data effectively or social media, we’ve found it important to start with an exercise that gets participants to thinkabout the goals […]

A Quick Advocacy Strategy Exercise w/ Stakeholder Mapping & Power ...

The listening cycle series has been co-written by Jessica Steimer, who has been helping non-profits use social media more effectively as part of her work with Aspiration. Jess rocks! Find her on twitter @JSteim. You can also find a version of this article on the Aspiration Social Source Commons Blog. […]

The Listening Cycle, Part II

Since starting up my own blog, I’ve developed an obsession with checking my webstats.  I average about 30 unique visits a day, which I think is quite healthy.  My audience could be broadly defined as people who are interested in technology capacity building for grassroots advocacy with marginalised communities.  I […]

My Blog Post is on Digg, Now What?