Corporate Social Media is in Decay

With the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the slow erosion of trust that users are experiencing with Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), corporate social media is in decline. Not to mention the already existing social media graveyard that includes Friendster and Myspace. Our ultimate goal is to convene space for reflection as corporate social media continue to decay and alternatives evolve.

What should non-profits do?

We organised a series of online discussions to explore ways non-profits might navigate these waters. Is the answer getting them to understand the decentralised Fediverse and start using Mastodon? Or is the answer in refocusing on other established channels like email?

  • We’ve published a blog post that reflects the outputs of these discussions.

How is this impacting our communities?

We’ve started a new series of online discussions to examine how Meta’s and Twitter’s algorithms prioritise polarisation and undermine the community we are trying to build via our non-profit work. Together we will brainstorm ways we can mitigate the harm being done and perhaps lead our communities to better methods of communication.

You can join the first of these discussions at MozFest Fringe

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Join the discussion

We are grateful for the advice and involvement of our collaborators and allies, Janet Gunter and Aspiration, in this initiative.