Corporate Social Media is in Decay: What Should Non-Profits Do?   Recently updated !

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With the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the slow erosion of trust that users are experiencing with Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), corporate social media is in decline. Not to mention the already existing social media graveyard that includes Friendster and Myspace.

We are organising these sessions to discuss how non-profits might navigate these waters. Is the answer really getting them to understand the decentralised Fediverse and start using Mastodon? Or is the answer in refocusing on other established channels like email?

Help us explore and create helpful guidelines/processes, such as:

  • a list of Questions to Ask Frequently in revisiting your non-profit comms strategy;
  • a list of principles that can orient our “adaptation” to new realities;
  • a way for non-profits to more accurately cost out their social media strategies.

We will likely start generating some content via blog posts soon. Again any thoughts on these ideas are welcome.

Our ultimate goal is to convene space for reflection as corporate social media continue to decay and alternatives evolve. If you are interested in joining the discussion and contributing to the above, please join us on January 31st from 16:00 to 17:30 UTC – (90 Minutes).

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We are grateful for the advice and involvement of our collaborators and allies, Janet Gunter and Aspiration, in this initiative.