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Improving the Kosovar Civil Society Index

This three day workshop was designed to help Kosovar Civil Society Foundation understand how to make the data and information contained in the Kosovar Civil Society Index more engaging and accessible to stakeholders. To achieve these goals, we looked at… (READ MORE)

Tips for designing an effective workshop session

Our journey learning about effective workshop session design began in the mid-90’s, when we were helping activists and community organisers in the United States understand how to harnass the potential of the Internet. What we’ve learned about session design has largely… (READ MORE)

A Data Strategy Workshop Curriculum

This is a day-long training that we’ve run in at least a dozen countries for a variety of individuals involved in social change at various levels of ‘data literacy.’  Big thanks to all the participants that have provided feedback, along with:… (READ MORE)

LevelUp Webinar: Preparing for Your DigiSec Training

In this webinar for LevelUp, we will look at ways of preparing your training to help best ensure its quality, success, and safety. It will feature guest speakers who will share practical advice for learning about trainees and preparing trainings, including… (READ MORE)

Building an Advocacy Sector in Lithuania

We are providing training and guidance for 14 advocacy campaigns based in Lithuania in their development of strategies that will bring positive social change to the country.  This includes efforts to improve government transparency and accountability, prevent corporal punishment of… (READ MORE)

Measuring the Impact of Data Trainings

This two day event, which took place in Berlin on March 19th and 20th, was organised by Open Knowledge and facilitated by FabRiders. It aimed to strengthen the ability of data trainers to evaluate the impact of their trainings and share learnings with… (READ MORE)

What I’ve Learned about Impact Assessment

I recently spent two days facilitating a workshop on how to evaluate the impact of data training and learning endeavors for Open Knowledge, several School of Data chapters and like minded organisations including DataKind UK,  SocialTIC from Mexico City, Code4SA… (READ MORE)

Women Rock IT

This 4 day training will take place in December, 2014.  Organised by OWPSee, this first regional rraining on ICT and violence against women. aims to provide women with tools and frameworks to better protect themselves online.  FabRiders is providing training on… (READ MORE)

Stakeholder Mapping & Power Analysis

Understanding how any technology used in campaigning functions as a tactic to further your campaign strategy is essential. For every training session that Fabriders runs, whether it’s about utilising data effectively or social media, we’ve found it important to start… (READ MORE)

Data Strategy Workshops

FabRiders is pleased to announce it’s training offering “Effective Data Strategies for Social Justice Campaigns.” We started off in our home town of Stroud on September 19th, sold out in London on October 16th and are now headed for San… (READ MORE)

What I learned at Open Cambodia

I had the privilege of traveling to Cambodia last week to work closely with Allen Gunn (Gunner) and Misty Avila from Aspiration, running an event for the Open Institute called ‘Open Cambodia.’  We had over 100 participants from all over… (READ MORE)

Forget written notes, try graphic recording!

This blog post initially appeared on the  TABridge Blog at: http://tech.transparency-initiative.org/notes-by-graphic-recorders-capture-the-moment/.  Special thanks to Jed Miller for editing. I recently traveled to Jakarta for “Matchmaking Budget Transparency & Technology,” a three-day event convened by The Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency… (READ MORE)

Rocking the Spectrogram

As I mentioned in my post, Lessons from the Road one of my favorite training exercises is the spectrogram, and no one runs it better than Gunner from Aspiration.  You can find a detailed description of how he does it… (READ MORE)

Social Media for Tobacco Control: Co-Facilitator

Working with World Lung Foundation’s training team, this five day workshop conducted in Bangkok, Thailand focuses on how social media can enhance education campaigns conducted by tobacco control advocates from southern and south-east asia.  FabRiders is providing sessions on ‘the… (READ MORE)

What I Learned from Drug Users

I was recently in Kiev, for Tactical Studios, running a training on Social Media for the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, GIZ and Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe. To be fair, not everyone in the training was a drug user – there were advocates… (READ MORE)