Tech Mentorship Guide

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative have published a guide to running technology mentorships, with the aim of improving an organisation’s impact and effectiveness.  FabRiders’ Dirk Slater was honoured to be able to act as a ‘Tech Mentor’ for the project, along with fellow mentors: Lucy Chambers, Sarah Schacht, Tunji Eleso, Gaba Rodriguez and Mikel Maron.  The guide is valuable as it pools learnings from each of the mentors that were captured from the start of the project through a monitoring and evaluation process that was undertaken by David Hollow with Jigsaw Consulting.

The guide is broken into the following parts:

  • Why do we need mentoring programmes?
  • What were the main lessons from T/AI’s mentoring programme?
  • What does a strong mentoring programme look like at each of its possible 7 stages?
  • Looking to the future, should investment in mentoring grow?

Written by Vannessa Herringshaw and Becky Faith, the hope is that the guide will ‘serve as practical support for those interested in building the capacity of organisations to use technology well, and stimulates both implementors and funders to expand the appropriate mentoring programmes globally.’

You can also see our blog posts about our learnings from the TAI mentorship programme here: