Weeknotes for August 28th, 2020

I have this vague recollection that August is supposed to be quiet as everyone goes on holiday. Lots happened this week and am bracing for a busy September.

Working as part of The Solferino Academy team, along with Virtually Amazing, we’ve been running a series of online coaching sessions for people designing virtual sessions for the upcoming Climate:Red Summit and compiled a Session Host Handbook based on those sessions.

We’re also deep into prep for the Climate:Red Summit, which will take place online on September 9th and 10th. I’ve been valuing running through our production schedule together as a team to make sure everyone knows who is doing what and to talk through what still needs doing.

On Wednesday, we held a super productive online session for the Network-Centric Resources Project. 10 Resources designers participated, along with Chloé Mikolajczak from The Restart Project, who shared challenges, successes and lessons learned in their efforts to engage community members in building the European Right to Repair Campaign Toolkit. We compiled a list of Best Practices on Co-creation, which will be published this week.

Identified dates for the next Session Design Lab. Mark your calendar for September 23rd and 24th if you want to improve your training and facilitation skills. Stay tuned, will be selling tickets soon.

We are evolving bespoke versions of the lab that is for event organisers who want to design effective virtual events and have now run it twice. This past week for ILDA, to help them think about a virtual AbreLatam and last month with IEJ to think through their virtual Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival. Along with how to run effective online sessions, we also focus on all the roles needed to run a virtual event, how people benefit from participating in the event and where the event fits in long term social change strategies. Currently calling it the (Virtual) Event Design Lab.

I found this article from Mor Rubinstein on understanding data through a feminist intersectional lens really valuable.