Weeknotes for May 22nd, 2020

This week: lots of planning, some outputs and a productive workshop for CESR

Strategy Canvas for Data Champions

I am working with Mor Rubinstein at 360 Giving on two workshops to wrap up this cohort of Data Champions working in UK Grantmaking Institutions. These workshops will focus on Data 4 Leadership & developing a data strategy. We’ve been reviewing the materials in IFRC’s Data Playbook Data For Leadership Module and the Atlassian Tem Playbook. Mor’s call-out on Twitter for data strategy canvas examples provided us with some very inspiring responses, including these two from Julia at the Engine Room.

What we’ve realised as a result of looking at all these is that it’s very contextual, so we plan to get the Data Champions to build their own Data Strategy Canvas.

Teamwork for Successful Virtual Meetings

Looking back at all the Virtual Meetings we’ve run over the last couple of Months for The Solferino Academy and IFRC, we realised we’d done more than 10 with over 2000 participants, so we started a series of blog posts. The first post published this week is a straightforward ‘what we learned about putting them together‘ and the second, to be published next week, will be more about the outcomes. As we exchanged about who should get authorship rights, we realised that even though individuals in the team had taken the lead in writing the posts, it was because of the experience of all of the team that the post was able to exist. So we decided on all three, Heather Leson, Laurent Fernandez & myself.

Pooling Collective Knowledge for Successful Strategies

We finished another round of virtual strategy implementation workshops with CESR. Thanks to the ingenuity of Allison Corkery, we managed to use Google Slides for group work on placing activities on a pain and gain matrix and then to create a timeline of events. Very impressed with Ignacio Saiz’s leadership and the way that CESR values staff expertise and brainpower to engage them so thoroughly in their strategy and theory of change development.

Sold Out Lab

I’ve finished outreach for The (Virtual) Session Design Lab on May 27 and May 28. I say ‘finished’ because it sold out a week before the event! This time around, we scheduled over two days and at a time that is optimal for the US. The demand for these labs has surprised me. Will need to schedule June soon as people are already starting to inquire.