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At the end of March of 2013, the InteRider mailing list was shut down after what must have been over a decade – partially due to lack of traffic but also because of UK budget cuts. The list was initially set up to support a network of consultants who were […]

My History of Circuit Riding (Part 1)

I was recently in Kiev, for Tactical Studios, running a training on Social Media for the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, GIZ and Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe. To be fair, not everyone in the training was a drug user – there were advocates from a variety of different marginalised communities that were being […]

What I Learned from Drug Users

Please note: a new version of this exercise is now available: Using the Spectrogram for Stakeholder Mapping and Power Analysis. Or Using Power Analysis to Identify Technology Tactics for your Campaign in Three Easy Steps. Background: Understanding how any technology that you use in campaigning functions as a tactic to […]

The Half Wheel & The Pyramid (Step 1 of 3)