The Half Wheel & The Pyramid (Step 1 of 3)

Please note: a new version of this exercise is now available: Using the Spectrogram for Stakeholder Mapping and Power Analysis.

Or Using Power Analysis to Identify Technology Tactics for your Campaign in Three Easy Steps.


Understanding how any technology that you use in campaigning functions as a tactic to further your campaign strategy is essential. For every training session that Fabriders runs, whether it’s about data visualisation or soocial media, we’ve found it important to start with an exercise that brings participants back to thinking about the goals of their campaigns and the tactics that might bring those goals closer. This training curriculum has been evolving over the last four years and started as a basic campaign strategy session, developed for workshops that accompanied Tactical Tech’s ‘10 Tactics’ documentary.


What participants will get from this training session :

  • An opportunity to define and categorise the types of stakeholders they are engaging through their campaigns.

  • An understanding of the strategy needed to reach the goals of their campaign.

  • The opportunity to identify and prioritise ways of applying technological tools tactically.

The Campaign Goal

Make sure that the people taking part in the training session understand how a campaign and its goals are defined in this context: a campaign goal is time-limited and achievable. Rather than aiming to “end hunger”, we would suggest something more specific and measurable, such as, “establish a food bank in a community”, or, “get the government to set aside funds for a school lunch program to feed students”.

Ask the participants to state their campaign goals in one sentence.

Step 1: Stakeholders

Make sure the participants understand what a stakeholder is. Stakeholders are all the people who are engaged with and affected by the issue/s around which they are campaigning; for  example, members of the communities concerned, the press and media, government officials, etc.

Now, ask the participants to list all the stakeholders involved in the campaign, writing the name of each stakeholder on a separate post-it note.


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