Calling all eRider friends, supporters and survivors!

groupJoin us for a celebration of eRiding past, present and future!

A decade ago there was a significant shift in the epicentre of tech capacity building with the emergence of the eRider movement. eRiders were an evolution of a proven tech capacity building model known as Circuit Riders. Where Circuit Riders were charged with strengthening U.S non-profits ability to achieve their missions by utilising technology, eRiders were an international version, helping civil society organisations strengthen their efforts. The main difference being that eRiders were focused in resource-strapped developing and transition countries.

annaAs part of this shift in the practice of tech capacity building, a group of eRiders came to the US to rub shoulders with their US counterparts. The learning that occurred was far from one way, as the US circuit riders found the new application of the their model extremely enlightening. A huge part of this two-way learning occurred during the very first Penguin Day in Philadelphia in March 2004.

To mark the 10 years passing, we would like to invite you to reconnect and celebrate the impact of eRiders with us. We would like to engage you in discussion about the legacy of eRiding, the lessons learned, and the future of tech capacity building.

tomWe encourage you to join us and Aspiration at Penguin Day DC 2014 on 12 March 2014, where we’ll have a full slate of eRider-focused sessions. Included in this set of discussions will be a planning session for a larger eRider summit and roundup to take place in mid-2014. More info about Penguin Day and how to register, can be found at