LevelUp Webinar: Preparing for Your DigiSec Training

In this webinar for LevelUp, we will look at ways of preparing your training to help best ensure its quality, success, and safety.

It will feature guest speakers who will share practical advice for learning about trainees and preparing trainings, including creative approaches for learning about participants’ needs, experience, and priorities to better inform the crafting of responsive training agendas.

As digital security trainers, it’s important for us to understand the concerns and risks of those we support through training. An effective workshop or event will address participants’ contexts, provide them with practical knowledge, and later tools, that they can use to protect themselves. It’s also essential to acknowledge, however, that this can be a quite challenging process as well – sometimes we may have a great deal of access and communication with participants before an event, and other times we may have none at all.

We will look at the use of pre-training surveys and interviews, discuss how we make decisions on training content based on the information we collect prior to our trainings, and also explore how and when we can make the best use of our own learnings from previous trainings as well.  We will also discuss how to handle scenarios where you can’t contact participants before the training or after.

Date and Time

On Thursday, April 28th 7AM PST, 10AM EST, 3PM BST, 4PM CET, 5PM CAT, 7:30PM IST, 10PM SGT, point your browser to https://www.callinfo.com/prt?host=readytalk&an=8667401260&ac=7461078

Your Hosts:

Guest Speaker:

  • abirAbir Ghattas is a Lebanese activist, blogger and a digital communication strategist with a focus on women rights, freedom of speech and digital security in the MENA region. She heads GlobalVoices digital advocacy project “Global Voices Exchange” and is also the outreach director for Majal a network of digital platforms centered on two complementary goals: freedom of expression and access to information. She is always online and somewhere between Marseille and Beirut.

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