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FabRiders is pleased to announce it’s training offering “Effective Data Strategies for Social Justice Campaigns.” We started off in our home town of Stroud on September 19th, sold out in London on October 16th and are now headed for San Francisco on November 21st!

Is your social justice campaign ‘data-ready?’

Today, data is everywhere, and pretty much everything connected to social change is a data project in one form or another. What’s key is understanding how to get data, how to make it into useful information or evidence, and then make it accessible for individuals to interact with it. This workshop will offer some very practical knowledge about utilising data in a variety of campaigning contexts.

As an activist or advocate working on social justice, you will learn how to:

  • Build a data strategy using a framework to identify and analyse your tactics
  • Influence key stakeholders and motivate them using data
  • Increase impact through data packaging techniques, such as info-graphics

We will also cover:

  • How to identify appropriate data sources
  • Responsible data collection, use and storage

If you are currently using data in a campaign, this training will help you be more effective.  If you haven’t started using data yet, this training will give you a clear path forward.

Read more about our trainer, Dirk Slater or take a look at the Data Strategies Resources we use in the training.

Upcoming Dates, Locations and Details:

  • San Francisco: Friday, November 21st, 2014 10am to 5pm.  San Francisco Non-Profit Technology Center. We are honoured to have Aspiration as a partner for this workshop

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