Project Type: Past

In the fall of 2016, we worked to assure that the sessions at MozFest would be of value and meaningful for participants. This year’s MozFest, which took place at Ravensbourne College in London on October 28th to 30th, had over 1700 attendees, and over 500 facilitators. FabRiders’ undertook activities and […]

Mentoring and Support for Mozilla Festival Facilitators and Core Team

FabRiders has designed the agenda and acted as lead facilitator for two of School of Data‘s Summer Camp.  The first taking place for three days in Ottawa, Canada in May, 2015 and the second taking place for five days outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil in May, 2016.  The aim of […]

School of Data Summer Camp

The Open Exchange for Social Change was a one-day participatory event held on October 4th, 2016, one day prior to the International Open Data Conference and was previously known as the IODC unconference. It’s purpose was to pull Open Data practitioners together to exchange knowledge and deepen understanding on how […]

The Open Exchange for Social Change

This three day workshop was designed to help Kosovar Civil Society Foundation understand how to make the data and information contained in the Kosovar Civil Society Index more engaging and accessible to stakeholders. To achieve these goals, we looked at the long-term goals of KCSF and the Index’s role in […]

Improving the Kosovar Civil Society Index

Over the summer of 2016, we helped Greenpeace International develop a three day event that brought together 120 people from the staff of the secretariat and the National Regional Offices to share knowledge and improve engagement practices.  This was to support Greenpeace’s Theory of Change that focuses on developing ‘people […]

Strengthening Greenpeace’s Engagement Strategies

This project, undertaken on behalf of Internews, examined the outcomes of LevelUp, multi-year initiative that focused on supporting individuals worldwide providing digital safety training and education. The evaluation aimed to surface critical lessons the could inform future projects. A public version of the report will be made available in 2017.

Evaluating LevelUp’s Outcomes

FabRiders supported Open Knowledge‘s School of Data in efforts to develop a governance structure in order to decentralise and provide better support and connection to the nodes of their global network. This process has involved facilitating meetings and engaging network leaders in determining needed roles. It culminated in the election of a steering […]

Developing a Network Governance Structure for School of Data

This two day event, which took place in Berlin on March 19th and 20th, was organised by Open Knowledge and facilitated by FabRiders. It aimed to strengthen the ability of data trainers to evaluate the impact of their trainings and share learnings with peers based on those evaluations. Ultimately the event aimed strengthen the […]

Measuring the Impact of Data Trainings

This staff retreat for Greenhost enaged the staff in creating a vision of success for the organization,along with creating better coehesion within the staff, particularly in regards to project management.

HeiWeekend Retreat

FabRiders is facilitating a series of retreats for NRGI’s Data and Analysis Team to fine tune their strategic direction and operate more effectively as a unit.

Data and Analysis Team Retreat

The Responsible Resource Creator Manifesto is currently in draft format and FabRiders is currently involved in an effort to collect feedback and finalise the manifesto.

The Responsible Resource Creator Manifesto

This project run for Amnesty International will focus on developing a training series and curriculum that will raise awareness about issues surrounding data collection and storage and potential risks this poses to the vulnerable communities that Amnesty International seeks to address>

Responsible Data Use & Vulnerable Communities

This 3 day meeting was convened by Open Society Foundations to develop a shared framework within the foundations to respond to the growing use of lethal drones in combat.  Working closely with Aspiration, FabRiders assisted in facilitating the event of around 40 people which brought stakeholders together both from within […]

OSF’s Lethal Drone Charette

This series of five webinars created for the National Democratic Institute aims to provide participants with a framework for using data in advocacy. Content covers how to create an effective advocacy strategy that will be supported by data, finding data, creating a story or narrative from data and making compelling […]

Data Advocacy Webinar Series

This 4 day training will take place in December, 2014.  Organised by OWPSee, this first regional rraining on ICT and violence against women. aims to provide women with tools and frameworks to better protect themselves online.  FabRiders is providing training on staying safe on social networks, how to deal with trolls […]

Women Rock IT

FabRiders is pleased to announce it’s training offering “Effective Data Strategies for Social Justice Campaigns.” We started off in our home town of Stroud on September 19th, sold out in London on October 16th and are now headed for San Francisco on November 21st! Is your social justice campaign ‘data-ready?’ […]

Data Strategy Workshops

This event organised by Open Knowledge and Open Rights Group, brought 30 participants from key interest groups and stakeholder experts to identify and agree on the the issues that need to be addressed on open data and privacy. During the two day workshop participants developed workplans and guiding principles to […]

Open Data and Privacy Expert Workshop

Through out 2014, Fabriders is working closely with Aspiration to deliver a series of webinars for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative. The webinars feature topics relevant to organisations who want to learn how to implement technology projects that will increase their impact.  These webinars feature content that is either featured […]

The 2014 TABridge Webinar Series

We helped Article 19 develop an infographic called “Recipe for Online Repression,” that accompanies it’s report on the Iranian Computer Crimes Law.  The report and the info-graphic reveal the brutal repercussions for those seeking freedom of expression on the internet in Iran. We were fortunate to collaborate with the brain […]

Article 19’s Recipe for Online Repression

‘Change the World’ is a citizen journalist toolkit that we helped the International HIV/AIDS Alliance create for it’s Key Correspondents network.  Their vision is to see Key Correspondents igniting social movements for change among communities affected by HIV around the world. It brings together journalism skills and advocacy goals to […]

Key Correspondents Change the World