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A Data Strategy Workshop Curriculum

This is a day-long training that we’ve run in at least a dozen countries for a variety of individuals involved in social change at various levels of ‘data literacy.’  Big thanks to all the participants that have provided feedback, along with:… (READ MORE)

What We’ve Learned About Logos

FabRiders finally has its own logo and social media icon!  Since 2012 we’ve been busy establishing FabRiders and building up a substantial body of work. Though we have put it off, what surprised us is how quick the process of the… (READ MORE)

Where has Liberia’s Illegal Timber Gone?

This data visualisation for Global Witness maps the routes of illegal timber coming out of Liberia to highlight the implications of a new EU law that forbids the import of illegally sourced timber.  Fabriders worked closely with the Global Witness… (READ MORE)