Cette activité va: Donner de l’élan et stimulez l’interactivité au fur et à mesure que cet exercice commence par des paires, passe à des quatuors et se termine par une discussion en grand groupe. Aider les participants à faire connaissance les uns avec les autres et à savoir qui se […]

Atelier participatif pour la collecte d’indicateurs sur la prise de ...

I was first introduced to user personas participating in a design sprint by Aspiration in 2005. In that workshop, we were asked to imagine users of Social Source Commons, a website to share lists of software tools you already use, gain knowledge and support, and discover new tools. What stood […]

A Workshop Exercise on Creating User Personas

This has been reblogged from 360Giving Over the past eight months we’ve been developing a network of Data Champions working in community foundations across the UK. The initiative is a collaboration between 360Giving, FabRiders and UK Community Foundations. In April 2019 we held a workshop focusing on how to strengthen and improve the data […]

What we’ve learned about building data culture in community foundations

Esta actividad: • Ayudará a los participantes a conocerse entre sí. • Creará un espacio seguro y positivo invitando a los participantes a conocerse a través del diálogo y reforzando las habilidades de escucha activa. • Comenzará una discusión sobre la capacidad de los participantes para opinar o participar en los […]

Taller participativo para recopilar datos sobre la toma de decisiones ...

In FabRiders’ work, we have researched data literacy, designed and facilitated social learning experiences, and co-created knowledge sharing assets with communities and networks. In the first half of 2018, we co-edited IFRC’s Data Playbook (Beta), which brought together our skills in all of those areas. The approach to identifying the […]

We’re Convening a Data Literacy Consortium

Assuring the evidence used in your social change campaign engages rather than alienates. This training is for activists and advocates who want to integrate data into their campaign or improve the ability of their campaign data to engage their stakeholders. Overview Campaigns will only win when we capture the hearts […]

Effective Data Tactics in a Post-Fact World