Workshop: Hacking human centred design for social change


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Build stronger campaigns using design methodologies

Learn how to design stronger campaigns that make a bigger impact sooner. You might be a campaigner, fundraiser, manager or service colleague. What is important is that you want to make change happen.

Human Centered Design methodologies provide a starting point for planning and strategising by understanding your stakeholders and how they see the value and benefit in your efforts.  We’ll share expertise in understanding what people really think, feel, want and need. And then by understanding people’s problems, design alongside them to build stronger campaigns.  Human-Centred Design can be characterised as a multi-stage problem solving process.

It is repeatable, powerful and fun. It also works. It has a 30-year track record.

You’ll learn more about:

  • What is Human Centered Design and how it can be allied to social change work.
  • Examples of Human Centred Design development practices that have improved campaign success
  • Repeatable tools and techniques to use to build campaigns that win.

Why you should come:

      • This is a participatory workshop, You will get hands on experience integrating Human Centred Design methodologies into your social change work.
      • You’ll also get a chance to build solidarity with other participants and learn from their work and their perspectives on yours.
      • We’re in a great locationBetter Bankside, London
      • It’s only 125 GBP!  There are HCD workshops (not for social change) that go upwards of a thousand pounds
      • PLUS YOU GET TO SPEND TIME WITH US, Your Facilitators:
    • Check out the pre- Hangout workshop we held on April 20th


  • Scholarships and Discounts are available on request.

Check out our pre-workshop Hangout on April 20th.

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