Effective Data Tactics in a Post-Fact World

Assuring the evidence used in your social change campaign engages rather than alienates.

This training is for activists and advocates who want to integrate data into their campaign or improve the ability of their campaign data to engage their stakeholders.


Campaigns will only win when we capture the hearts and minds of those impacted or involved in the change we are seeking to make. What is critical is understanding how to convey evidence in a meaningful and inspiring way.  As our opponents mislead and manipulate ordinary people to vote in ways that is ultimately not in their best interests, it’s more important than ever to develop strategies that convey and expose truth in compelling ways. We will examine data’s role in a variety of campaigning contexts along with examples where truth has triumphed over fiction. We will also explore campaigners’ responsibilities in contributing to ‘critical’ data literacy: where individuals are able to interpret the validity of the information they are accessing.  If you are currently using data in a campaign, this training will help you be more effective. If you haven’t started using data yet, this training will give you a clear path forward.

This training will utilise participatory methodologies employing interactive exercises designed to encourage peer learning and un-tap knowledge and experience. We strive to maximise dialogue, creativity and expertise exchange in order to build collaboration and solidarity for social change campaigns.

Topics Covered:

  • Building tactics for using data as integral parts of a campaign strategy
  • Increasing impact through data packaging techniques, such as info-graphics.
  • Engaging, involving and influencing stakeholders and contributing to their ‘data literacy’

Dirk Slater is the facilitator.

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