Building a Better 2017

2016 wasn’t all bad.

Here at FabRiders, 2016 was a great year of learning. Every event and project that goes by we find ourselves building and sharing on a body of knowledge that is contributed to and enabled by a fantastic set of partners and allies. Despite all the setbacks faced last year, we are confident that the critical know-how is with you and it’s all about sharing existing expertise with peers and not reinventing the wheel.

We will be building a better 2017 by:

What we’re reading to get us ready for 2017:

  • 2016: A Year of Data Driven Confusion Our colleague, Zara Rahman, takes a look at how misleading data claims have led to real consequences in the world’s largest economies and makes a case for building ‘critical’ data literacy.
  • Technology in Hostile States: Ten Principles for User Protection A post on the Tor Project Blog is meant to generate a conversation about best practices for using cryptography and privacy by design to improve security and protect user data from well-resourced attackers and oppressive regimes. And with a note that this is likely to become more relevant in the United States.
  • How we built a productive remote team – without losing our marbles – From the Open Heroines Medium Feed, Edafe Onerhime reveals how Open Data Services has grown from a team of four to eleven and stayed healthy and productive.

What we’re listening to:

  • Nothing but the truth – BBC Radio 4 programme exploring the origins of ’post-truth’ and ‘post-fact’ concepts and how people get information they feel they can rely on (spoiler alert: it’s about trusting the source).
  • Travels with Bob – This episode features a lovely 15 minute dog walk through our adopted home town of Stroud.
  • Friday Disco Backup now has it’s own website! Now you don’t need to be on twitter to enjoy the grooves, make the most of your backup routine with either the YouTube Playlist or on Spotify. Need a refresher on backing up? Check out this blog post from Huridocs.

And working with you.

Don’t forget: FabRiders offers free one hour consultations to provide you with advice and guidance. Please get in touch to discuss any challenges you have. We’re also always looking for hot topics and collaborations on posts for The FabBlog, along with curriculum and learnings about training/facilitation in the FabToolkit.