We’re developing a network-centric resource on how to develop network-centric resources

We’re starting a new project that looks at developing network centric resources.  Resources are assets that are drawn on by an individual or groups in order to function more effectively. Network-centric resources are living resources that aim to build capacity in networks and communities to share and disperse knowledge. They are developed in a way that shares ownership, enables contribution and supports collaboration. They give life to and help nurture other resources. Examples of network centric resources would include things like Wikipedia, Tor, and GitHub. Projects closer to FabRiders would include: LevelUpSchool of Data, & Fundamentals for Using Technology.

Last week in Valencia, we were able to ‘soft-launch’ this project at a session at the Internet Freedom Festival. Over 20 individuals elected to form a network to infom the development of a guide on network-centric resources. What we discussed during this session is how there are a lot of idealistic expectations in developing these kinds of resources but they actually take a lot of hard work. Participants said that they struggled to find knowledge about  the human element: how to motivate people to participate in the development of resources, particularly in contributing content.

The development of this resource will begin in the coming weeks.  We will be starting a series of ‘online conversations’ to inform two sections of the guide: ‘A checklist for starting a network-centric resources’ and ‘how to share ownership from the start.’ You can learn more about the project and how to join the network and discussion.

We are grateful for the guidance and partnership with Aspiration on this project.