Weeknotes for Sept 25th, 2020

Caught up with online discussion outputs, prepped for upcoming workshops, ran another (Virtual) lab and announced a new lab offering.

Right before getting stuck into the Climate:Red summit, we ran a Network-Centric Resources Online Discussion where a group of knowledge-asset resource designers co-created a best practices list on co-creation. This week we finally got an opportunity to post it.

A successful Session Design Lab

Ran another (Virtual) Session Design Lab and very grateful for the participants, who shared a lot of their expertise in creating online space that drives learning and knowledge sharing. Along with sharing about the origins of ADIDS in the tech/social justice sector, we also shared learnings on how the transition to virtual has strengthened efforts to convene diverse and global networks, such as RCRC’s Digital Volunteer Network, RightsCon and the Climate:Red Summit.

We’ve gotten quite a lot of inquiries about attending a future Session Design Lab, so will likely schedule the next for early November.

A new FabLab

We’ve had people who attended the Session Design Lab ask us to put together a bespoke lab to strengthen their ability to deliver upcoming virtual events, including Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival and AbreLatam. Drawing from these, we’ve designed a new offering: The (Virtual) Event Design Lab, get in touch if you are interested.


We drafted an agenda for Open Rights Group’s Strategy Implementation Sessions. Together, we’ve run two previous strategy implementation retreats. The last was February and was one of the final face to face meetings I facilitated before the world changed. Now with a tad more flexibility and not having to pull people together in one place: instead of running them in two consecutive days, we’re spreading six three-hour sessions of over two weeks. We start Monday by reflecting on how the pandemic impacted their progress in implementing their strategy.

Discussed a series of upcoming workshops for the Institute of Economic Justice, that will aim at strengthening the link between economics and human rights. Part of the strategy is to develop a network of practice in civil society organisations advocating for a right’s based approach to economic policy. This reminded me of how important intentionality is on building a network of practice.